Tiervlei Trial Centre (TTC) is a well-established private clinical trial centre, specialising in the conduct of national and international clinical trials. We have successfully completed more than 350 clinical trials in various therapeutic areas since 2000. TTC has a full-fledged operational team consisting of dedicated GCP (Good Clinical Practice) certified staff, including investigators, research nurses, clinical trial technicians, administrators, project managers and recruitment specialists.  The pharmaceutical industry has recognized TTC as an International Site of Excellence. Our team works in close collaboration with specialists in the private sector, as well as with local universities.


TTC is actively involved in several educational programs. We present the Clinical Investigator and Site Staff Certification (CLIC) course in partnership with FUNDISA AFRICAN ACADEMY for MEDICINE DEVELOPMENT and support the Postgraduate Diploma in Medicines Development, presented by the Division of Pharmacology, University of Stellenbosch. TTC is a Health Professional Council of South Africa approved training site for Clinical Pharmacology registrars from the University of Stellenbosch.


TTC has an Early Phase Unit, situated in close proximity to Karl Bremer Hospital. We have successfully completed more than 25 Phase I studies, including pharmacokinetic and bio-equivalence studies as well as a first in man vaccine study. TTC is a preferred site for Phase II studies and has successfully completed 56 Phase II studies.  The Unit is most suitable for equivalence studies with overnight and entertainment facilities.


One of the strengths of TTC is the unique symbiotic relationship with Karl Bremer Hospital since 2000. Karl Bremer Hospital was established in 1956 and is one of the oldest hospitals in the Western Cape. The hospital provides high quality care, for both the private patients (belonging to medical scheme and private paying patients), as well as Government subsidised patients. The hospital has 282 beds of which 34 are private. Tiervlei Trial Centre interacts closely with the hospital and has access to important services like a 24h00 medical emergency service.
Clinical Trial Services
TTC has a department for completion of
study feasibility assessments within
reasonable time frame…
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Specialst Consultation
TTC team provides specialist consultation
to clinical trial participants.  We work in
collaboration with Specialists…
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Karl Bremer Hospital
TTC recognizes the challenge facing the
South African health system and provides
equitable distribution of…
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Patient Recruitment
TTC recognized the importance of patient
recruitment in the ultimate success of a
clinical trial. We have a multi-facetted…
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Medical Writing
TTC provides a professional medical writing
service. Our team has extensive experience
in Protocol and Statistical…
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Special Investigations
Lung function tests, allergen skin
Prick test and bronchial provocation
tests are performed by qualified…
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Collaboration with Local Universities
TTC provides a specialize clinical trial
services to local Universities ranging
review of data on…
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