About Us

  • 1. Tiervlei Trial Centre (TTC) is a well-established private clinical trials centre

    Specialising in the execution of national and international clinical trials since 2000. We have successfully completed more than 350 clinical trials in several therapeutic areas of which 25% where early and 75% late phase.

  • 2. TTC has experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas namely:

    Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Neurology, Metabolic, Infectious Diseases, Gastroenterology and Rheumatology as well as studies in preventative medicine (vaccines) and device studies.

  • 3. We do clinical trials in all the phases of clinical development

    The majority of our clinical trials are in phase III, where some safety information is already available and the aims of the studies are to confirm efficacy.   We also conduct studies in  earlier phase where great care is taken to investigate the dose, safety and distribution of the medicine in the body. TTC has participated in a First in Man Vaccines study.  These studies are done in healthy volunteers under strict supervision to ensure the safety of the volunteers.

  • 4. TTC has an overnight facility

    Ideal for accommodation of studies requiring serial measurements like pharmacokinetic blood samples.

  • 5. TTC understands the need for development of safe and effective new medications for treatment conditions with unmet needs

    The medicines development process involves many steps, of which clinical trials are an integral part. TTC is committed to delivering this specialised service at the highest ethical standard, through compliance with Good Clinical Practice.

  • 6. TTC employs a suitably qualified and experienced team

    The team consists of Clinical Investigators, Project Managers, Study Coordinators, Registered Nurses, Clinical technologists.

  • 7. TTC supports the development of safe and effective South African Traditional Medicines

    We are able to manage the full process from writing the protocol to conduct of the study and writing of the Clinical Study report.

  • 8. The Pharmaceutical Industry has awarded TTC for delivering clinical trial services at high international standards

    In 2013, the pharmaceutical company Sanofi nominated TTC as one of 20 Premier Sites worldwide. We are provided with insight into Sanofi’s pipeline of new medicine and are given the opportunity to participate in protocol development. TTC is a Quintiles Partner Site and has won several Awards of Excellence for Exceptional Site Contribution through the years.

  • 9. TTC is actively involved in several training programmes

    This includes several training programmes like the Clinical Investigator Certification (CLIC) course presented in partnership with FUNDISA AFRICAN ACADEMY for MEDICINES RESEARCH (FAAMD) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Medicines Development, presented by the Division of Pharmacology, University of Stellenbosch.TTC is a Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) approved teaching centre for Clinical Pharmacology registrars from the University of Stellenbosch.

  • 10. TTC is situated in Karl Bremer Hospital

    A fully functioning hospital, including a state-of-the-art Medical Emergency Centre.


TTC Main

Out patient facility
Patient waiting room with patio
5 Consulting rooms
8 work stations
Lung Function Laboratory
Laboratory for processing of samples
ECG room
Procedure room
Temperature- and access-controlled pharmacy
Access to hospital pharmacy
Dedicated area for monitoring
Boardroom for study meetings
Administrative offices
Storage area
Facility on hospital emergency power
Fire detection system
Full security

TTC Satellite Site

Phase I and overnight facility (located 1km away from TTC main centre)
Reception room
8 beds
Procedure Room
Consultation room
Entertainment Room
Temperature and access controlled pharmacy
3 toilets and 2 bathrooms
Secure outside area
Minus 40 ̊C Freezer and minus 20 ̊C Freezer Fridges
Continuous temperature monitoring devices
Centrifuges (ambient and 4 ̊C)
Oxygen cylinder
Fully equipped emergency trolley
Anaphylaxis kits
12-lead ECG machines with memory
Dinamap blood pressure machines
Ambulatory 24 hour cardiac monitor
Fully computerized Treadmill and Effort ECG apparatus
Echo machine
Aerosol provocation system
Pulse oximeter
Computer per staff member
High speed broadband
Dedicated analog line
In house spirometer

Remote Data Capturing

Medidata RAVE
PhaseFoward i.e. InForm
Perceptive i.e. DataLabs

Patient electronic diaries

Viasys (Jaeger)
AM 2+
AM 3+
Biomedical Systems

Eelectronic data transfer

Mortara Electrocardiogram Transfers
Medilog Holter transfers
MAC 1200
Viasys Spirometry, ECG and electronic diary data

Interactive Voice Response Systems


TTC has an IT department with latest technology consisting of the following:

ADSL line, dedicated Fibre Optic bundle
All staff has access to personal computers
Latest licensed software technology
Transmission facilities for electronic data transfers
On site networking assistance by accredited service providers